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Along with the rapid socio-economic development of Vietnam, the study and application of advances in science, management and policies in the transport field from successful lessons of developed countries with similar social characteristics to Vietnam as the Republic of Korea is necessary.

For this purpose, in March 2018, the Vietnam-Korea Transport Infrastructure Cooperation Center (VKTrans) was established on the initiative of the Ministry of Transport (MOT), Vietnam and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT), Korea and under the administration of University of Transport and Communications (UTC) and the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI).

Over the years, many joint research activities have been carried out. A number of conferences and programs have been organized based on the needs of both parties, which significantly contributed to the development of transport infrastructure in Vietnam. Many research reports issued by VKTrans were referred by MOT’s functional departments in their administrative works.

In addition, activities to connect and support Korean businesses to access investment and development possibilities of the transport industry in Vietnam have also been effectively implemented. The Center is gradually becoming a good bridge for businesses, socio-political organizations operating in the transport field of the two countries.

The University of Transport and Communications hopes to continue receiving the support of Vietnamese and Korean partners to develop the VKTrans to become a bright spot in the friendly cooperation relationship between the two countries and make practical contributions to the development of transport field in Vietnam.


President, University of Transport and Communications
Nguyen Ngoc Long

The Korea Transport Institute
Vietnam is one of the most notable emerging markets with abundant growth potential among developing countries in Southeast Asia. In recent years, Vietnam has been promoting expansion projects of large-scale transportation infrastructure, including roads, railroads, and airports, such as the “North-South Expressway”, “North-South Highway”, and “Long Thanh International Airport”.

KOTI has been conducting various transportation and logistics projects with Vietnam. We requested the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport(MOLIT) to help us provide a cooperation center that serves as a hub for transportation infrastructure with Vietnam. Accordingly, in March 2018, the Korea-Vietnam Transportation Infrastructure Cooperation Center(VKTrans) has established in Hanoi, Vietnam. For the past three years, VKTrans has played a key role as a transportation infrastructure platform that spreads information and supports the policy. We have supported the government policies in Vietnam such as PPP and the road act revision, promoted various international seminars for private companies, and promoted Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Building Programs to share our experiences.

VKTrans was established to promote cooperation between Korea and Vietnam. It is meant to serve as an online knowledge-sharing platform that can be easily accessed by government policy officers, experts, and the private sector. VKTrans is expected to play a major role as a network platform that helps cooperation between Vietnam and Korea, by helping Vietnam's transportation infrastructure development, providing rapid and systematic support to the government and private sectors aiming to make a foray into Vietnam.

Thank you.

Apr. 2021
President of the Korea Transport Institute
Jaehak Oh