CBP What is CBPrograms

What is CBPrograms

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  • Korea-Vietnam Transport Infrastructure Cooperation Center (VKTrans) research policies of Korea and Vietnam, and collects, investigates and analyzes transportation infrastructure policies of both countries.
    As a research institute, VKTrans contributes to the development of transportation between Korea and Vietnam by extending the policies.
  • Also, VKTrans has educated Korean infrastructure policies and technologies to stakeholders related to policies in Vietnam and also has built a sustainable cooperation relationship with organizations and human networks.
  • By using the Capacity Building Program, VKTrans contributes to the development of the transportation infrastructure sector in Vietnam after analyzing Vietnam's transportation policy based on an advanced experience of Korea, which was authorized by international societies.
    Besides, we are expanding the foundation for the establishment of a knowledge-sharing system through regular education and training for Vietnamese public officials and private specialists.
  • We hope that the experience of Korea is helpful to mitigate common issues such as rapid urbanization and traffic problems in developing countries.